Seminar reporting on the International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Disease

The workshop is being held at Plumpton College on 2015-01-20 00:00:00, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 14:00.

The International Council on Grapevine Trunk Disease ( hold a conference every 2 years to present the latest developments in the fight aginst these fungal infections. This WineSkills seminar will present the key information from the 2014 International Workshop covering topics such as disease identification, disease spread and new treatments. The 2014 conference has a particular focus on grapevine trunk disease in nurseries and young plantings, with an extra day entitled ‘Growing to the Standard’ being run at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) Research Centre. The highlights from this extra day will also form part of the day.
This WineSkills seminar will be valuable to all those growers, established and newly planting, who want to understand the latest developments in the identification and management of grapevine trunk disease.

This seminar will cover the key findings from the 9th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Disease, particularly where they have relevance to the UK. Specific topics include:

- The latest on epidemiology; how the trunk disease fungi are spreading within the vineyard and which species to watch out for.

- Disease management; new techniques for managing existing trunk disease infections as well as preventative measures

- Vulnerabilities and resistances of specific varieties and the ongoing research into these resistances

- Nurseries and Young Vine Decline; from the 'Growing to the Standard' series of lectures focused on best practice for growers planting new vineyards and what to look for in a nursery

- Discussion on the next steps for the UK in combating Grapevine Trunk Disease and the international resources to which we already have access

Your trainer for this course will be Jim Newsome. After a career in IT Jim graduated from Plumpton College in 2011 and has worked in vineyards all over the UK and France. He currently manages a vineyard in Kent and provides viticultural technology contracting and consulting through his company, Veni Vidi Viti Ltd. Jim is the author of several works on grapevine trunk disease and case studies into the application of precision viticulture technology in the UK. For more information see

Venue Address:

Plumpton College

Ditchling Road, Plumpton