Managing Vineyard Soils

The workshop is being held at Laverstoke Park on 2012-03-14 00:00:00, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 16:00.

The workshop will look at best practice for assessing and managing vineyard soils.

The aim of the course is:

- To give an understanding of what is, and is not, required in a vineyard soil, for it to be productive over the long-term.
- Explain the importance of certain soil nutrients for commercial viticulture.
- To understand the interactions between the components of soil and how these effect soil quality and productivity.
- Give an understanding of the relationship between minerals / water / organic matter /air, ie soil components.
- Help trainees develop a soil management programme which will improve the quality and prolong the productive life of their vineyard soil.

Your trainer for this course will be Duncan McNeill. Duncan started working in viticulture in Central Otago, NZ in 2001. He studied viticulture at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay, NZ, whilst managing 11Ha vineyard in Central Otago until 2004. Duncan spent 2005 working for a family run 12 Ha wine estate in the Pfalz region, Germany. He came back to England in 2006 to manage New Hall Vineyard in Essex, and to oversee the vineyard expansion of 80 acres. Duncan is now the Viticulture Advisor for FAST Ltd who consult to over 650 acres of vineyards. Duncan also contract farms 35 acres of vineyards himself, based in Essex and Kent.

Venue Address:

Laverstoke Park
Laverstoke Park
Overton Road, Overton
RG25 3DR