Designing a pest management programme

Pest management programmes are designed around the key pests and should include:

  • A means of monitoring the pests and the factors that influence their development
  • An assessment of the level of damage at which intervention is required
  • The assessment of the risks to the operator and the environment of all control methods available
  • The implementation of all available methods of control in an effective and coordinated fashion
  • The monitoring of the effectiveness of the control methods used

It is important to remember that:

  • In order to manage pests effectively, you need to know how to recognise them, how they spread and which control measures are available
  • It is always better to use a group of integrated control measures than just rely on one
  • Unfortunately, Vitis vinifera is highly susceptible to two of the three major pests in the UK, so chemical treatment is difficult to avoid and has to be preventative and prophylactic