Containers and closures

Wine can be packaged in:

  • Glass bottles, usually coloured to reduce the effect of UV light. Only calibrated bottles of standard volumes can be used
  • Bag in boxes
  • Tetra packs
  • Aluminium cans
  • Plastic containers (PET)

Depending on the requirements of the customer.

Glass bottles can be closed with:

  • Natural corks
  • Technical corks
  • Plastic corks
  • Plastic stoppers - Zork
  • ROTE Screw caps - Stelvin
  • Glass stoppers – Vino-loc

If using natural corks, it is important that these are in good condition, as when they dry out, they lose their elasticity and so do not seal the bottle well. They should also be sterile so as not to contaminate the wine with microorganisms.

However, the problem of cork ‘taint’ due to the presence of Trichloroanisole (TCA) has resulted in a significant decrease in the popularity of natural cork.

Cork closures are usually over-sealed by an aluminium or plastic capsule in order to protect the end of the cork from insect attack and from drying out in the cellar.